Thursday, July 31, 2008

Gimmie Room, Zoom Zoom

So...what the hell's going on here? What would make a person pull into a spot like this? And why do they think it's OK to park over the line into someone else's parking spot?

Was your mother raped by a retarded monkey and you're the distilled DNA left over from a botched abortion? Did your deadbeat father juggle you, a ball-peen hammer and a bowling ball, only to drop you on your head as a child? Are you just this fucking stupid?

I dream of the day that the lines on parking spaces emit a laser from them and sheer off anything parked over them like this.

Until that day, Learn To Park, Jerk!

1 comment:

motorfamilymotorcityman said...

Great blog!!! Had me laffin me behind off. Not so long ago, I witnessed an accident caused by a dumbass who didn't follow parking lot rules... see the full story on my blog...

Enjoy, and keep pointing out the jackasses!