Thursday, July 17, 2008

Nova Scotia Faux Pas

Reader submitted from Nova Scotia. Thanks for taking time away from fishing/processing lumber/making bootleg Screech (and taking jobs away from Newfoundlanders) to lend a hand!

Hoo boy. A real controversial shot here. What we have is a Police car parked across a handicap parking space.

"Well, the Police can park anywhere they want. Maybe they were responding to an emergency. MAYBE THEY WERE SAVING SOMEONE'S LIFE!"

Fair enough. And I agree. I personally have no problem with haphazard parking while the Boys in Blue are on the job. But look at this from a handicapped person's standpoint.

Here they are, struggling to get where they're going in their specially adapted vehicle, using a broom handle to power the gas pedal while trying to steer with their one free hook. They finally get to their destination only to find a Police cruiser taking up the ONE space intended to make their life just a tad more bearable.

So, tell me, would YOU care why the Police were parked like that? Probably not. You'd be shaking that broomstick out the driver side window and cursing like a Tourettes Syndrome sufferer on a sugar high!

So, as a fair compromise, I won't label this with my trademark phrase and call these guys jerks. But I stand by busting them on this.


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