Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Wide Ride!

Reader submitted. Thanks for helping make the world...well...the same place it already is. But now with one more picture of it!

So you like to load up the old truck with your portly kin folk and head on out to the big city to spend some of that hard earned recycling money. Good for you.

And since your family is slightly large around the mid section, it makes sense you bought a vehicle that can take the sort of punishment daily that driving the obese causes.

But uh-oh! It doesn't seem to fit inside the lines of a regular parking space. Or at least you can't seem to make it fit inside the lines. But that's OK. You couldn't color inside the lines in kindergarten either. And when you dropped out in grade 7 because you just couldn't figure out how to keep all that loose leaf inside your 3 ring binder, well, that was OK too!

Because look at you now! You're a parking lot jerk!

And the world said you would never amount to anything. HA!

Learn To Park, Jerk!

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