Friday, May 30, 2008

Line Hugger Alert Pt. 2

Just a few mere feet from my last post was another line hugger. Two in a row? That's like gold for a blog like this. Again, this isn't AS bad as a full fledged 2 space hogging moron but, still, would you feel comfortable parking next to this putz?

And Mr./Mrs. Ignorant Parker? Do yourself a favor. Clean off your license plate. It's caked with more crap than a 5 year olds underwear after a curry feast! Parking like a turd may not be illegal but driving with an unreadable plate is!

Oh, and Learn To Park, Jerk!

Line Hugger Alert Pt. 1

You know, when you compare this sort of idiot to the guys who actually take up two spaces, they don't look so bad. But let me ask you this: would you want to pull in beside this guy and try to park? Especially if you drive a larger vehicle? Probably not.

If you do, you're probably going to have to crowd the right hand line, piss off the guy in the van and maybe get your door dinged. AND then you also run the risk of ending up on here!

Just do us a favor, pal. Treat it like your honeymoon. Pull in and pull out until you eventually get it right.

And Learn To Park, Jerk!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Surprise, Surprise!

Well well well. What have we here? A truck that's parked incorrectly? Wow. Never seen anything like THAT before.

They should have a class that every truck owner/driver should have to take before being able to drive in public. Redneck 101. Then we wouldn't have line hugging dillholes like this hogging two parking spaces.

Of course, that doesn't help the inbreeding problems with rednecks but it's a start.

Learn to park, jerk!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Do You See What I See?

I'm noticing a pattern here; mainly that it's trucks (or, rather, their owners) that violate parking etiquette the most. If you can't handle driving and parking something of this size, buy a compact car! And if you're just being a jackass, rot in Hell! Or Winnipeg. Whichever is worse nowadays.

Learn to park, jerk!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

4 in 1

Now here's a class act; hugging the line AND taking up the space behind him. Basically using 4 spaces for one vehicle. Folks like this should have their vehicle taken away and forced to drive a SMART car for a year. Of course, then we'd see idiots like this parking on the sidewalk and chaining their car to a bike rack.

Learn to park, jerk!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Line Hugger/Plight of the Fat?

Hugging the line is just about as bad as taking up two spaces. Yes, it can sometimes be a challenge parking around pillars but they had to know they had plenty of room on the driver's side. I can only assume their girth is such that they needed the extra space to ooze out of their vehicle.

If that IS the case, may I suggest less driving and more walking? Not only will you be able to fit into a parking space, you won't end up on websites like this.

Learn to park, jerk!

It's Classic For A Reason

This one was taken on a busy day at West Edmonton Mall. Either this person wanted to protect his/her/it's vehicle from being touched or they're truly stupid.

Either way, taking up two spaces is inexcusable. Learn to park, jerk!

Another Classic With A Hugger

Wow. Two potential violators of parking etiquette. But the line hugging car on the left isn't the focus here. It's the classic space hogging van in the center.

Sure, you could argue that the van parked there because of the line hugger, but that doesn't excuse taking up two spaces. Pick a side, jack ass!

And learn to park, jerk! You too, line hugger!

Classic Space Hog

What a better way to start things off than with the classic "I'm taking up two spaces so no one will park next to me and breathe on my vehicle".

Don't want anyone near your vehicle? Leave it the fuck at home!

Learn to park, jerk!