Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Common Story

We've all been there.

You call your local Little Caesars and ask for delivery of a large stuffed crust pizza with Crazy Bread, only to have them tell you they don't deliver on this specific day. Something about being too busy planning a Jihad or some craziness like that.

No matter. You have your Mom's vehicle just going to waste in the garage. So you pop a couple of Pop Tarts into the toaster and run out to the car to see if you can be back from picking up your order before they're done.

En route to Little Caesars, you remember the mechanism that pops your toast back up hasn't been working for a year and you now face a real risk of burning your house down. It wouldn't be so bad but you've been storing a bale of marijuana under your bed for a friend while he's away in Cuba muling cocaine in his rectum and you know he'll be pissed if his retirement fund gets wrecked.

So you drive like a maniac into the parking lot of the pizza joint and park in the first available spot(s) you see. Screw parking close or properly. Money is at stake here!

And, well, so the story goes.

Look dinkus. It's not that hard to park BETWEEN the lines and not ON them. Even when your stash is at risk.

Learn To Park, Jerk!

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The Hypocritical One said...

Yikes...this guy is so far out of the lines on all's disgusting.