Monday, July 14, 2008

From Beautiful Wainwright

Reader submitted. Thanks for busting a bad parking chowder head! Alberta is now 0.001% a better place!

As the Bad Parking Virus spreads across Alberta, we're taken to the town of Wainwright, home to one of Canada's many military bases located in the middle of Butt Screw Nowhere. (I heard they were going to put one in Rita McNeil's vagina but initial surveyors never returned from the abyss.)

Anyway, along comes some fancy pants from Saskatchewan and starts drawing attention to the town by parking like a complete piece of used ass wipe. If it hadn't gone out of style years ago, I'd say this guy would be a prime candidate for tar and feathering. At the very least, a trimming of his mullet and a punch in the crotch by a 7 year old with Elephantiasis of the fist.

Welcome to Alberta! Now Learn To Park, Jerk!

1 comment:

Joel said...

haha fantastic, I like your style. I hope you find some creative way of dealing with this type of douche-bag. I was thinking something in the form of a sticker. Good luck my friend.