Monday, June 30, 2008

Don't Know Jack In Fort Mac

Reader submitted from Fort McMurray, AB. Thanks for the mighty fine pic!

So here's another first: I'm almost defending this bad parkers actions.


If you look to the far left of the picture, you see another bone head hugging the line of his stall. In light of that, I almost understand why this guy had to park like a complete jackass.

What wins him a spot is the fact that the extra stall this guy is mooching is blocked off by a traffic cone.

Dude, the edge of the cone doesn't denote the edge of the space needed. It means the whole space is reserved. If you had been a line hugger as well and not put a third of your hill billy mobile over the line, you probably could have gotten away with this. But you got greedy and now look at you: featured on a stupid website like this.

It's almost as embarrassing as getting caught touching yourself in a woman's lingerie store while you're "shopping for a friend".

So, while I see why this dude parked bad, he didn't have to park THIS bad.

Learn To Park, Jerk!

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hungry said...

I submitted this photo and just wanted to add a side-note.
I was the one who put out the traffic cones, because I was involved with loading the trailer to the right. The reason that particular spot was blocked was because we we loading extremely heavy (300-500 pound) cases on wheels. If one of those cases got away from us it would severely damage any vehicle parked in it's path. I always get a kick out of people who compound their stupidity.
I had an even better pic to submit last week, but sadly it succumbed to a hard-drive failure. It was of some jerk parking directly in front of the entrance to an A&W drive thru so he could go inside and GET SOME A&W!!!!

Anyway, keep up the good work, someone needs to embarrass the non-thinkers among us.