Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Altima In Bad Parking

First off, the guy to the left is NOT the owner/driver of this vehicle. The poor chap was caught in some bad parking crossfire. See? Bad parking affects everybody!

So why is this car featured? I mean, he's only taking up half a space and part of a cart corral. Where's the damage?

Well, the site is about bad parking, period. This guy is, thankfully, not taking up two spaces per se but he still parked like an idiot. Enough so to make it on this site! Congrats!

Now, let's have a moment of silence for the poor man who had to be included in this shot. Now that the victims of bad parking has a face...or at least a rear shot, remember this the next time you want to park like an ass. The poor guy...with his french bread or flowers...or whatever the hell he's carrying. It's enough to make you cry! *sob*

And to the bad parker...Learn To Park, Jerk!

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