Monday, June 16, 2008

Stupidity Isn't A Handicap

Reader contributed. Thanks so much!

Here's another first! Someone parked in a handicap space that ISN'T handicapped!

OK, THAT isn't a first. But it's the first time it's been captured in picture form on THIS site.

Look. I know. The handicap have life soooooo good. They get the best parking spots. The largest bathroom stalls. The pity vote. And I know a lot of you probably want to put it to those smug bastards by using their parking spaces when there's no sign of a wheelchair around. But then you run the risk of being displayed on some jerks' website devoted to moronic parkers. And oopsy! That's just what happened.

So, Mr. Ontario Dinkus, welcome to the Land of Idiot Parkers! I see you've made yourself at home! Bravo!

Learn To Park, Jerk!

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