Monday, June 9, 2008

Look At Those Pair

Reader submitted photo. Thank you so much! This is a rare find. Keep 'em coming!

So what are we looking at? I'll tell you what we're looking at. Two fuck heads in one shot. If I had to pick one to defend (and I'm sure as hell not defending either), I'd have to say the douche on the left is less of an offender. Don't get me wrong. He/she/it is a line hugger, for sure. Undoubtedly needing the extra space on the driver side to allow room to adjust their giant head because they obviously think they're the only person on the planet who uses a parking lot.

But the person on the right is a much bigger douche bag. Totally violating two parking spaces at the same time. Oh, and lookie's a truck/SUV. Surprise surprise.

sigh...Look folks. I'm not sure you know what the lines in a parking lot are for. Maybe you think they were put there as some sort of Art Nouveau thing or maybe you believe they're like crop circles; you don't know how they got there but dang "they shure are purdy!"

Whatever the reason, smarten the hell up and Learn To Park, Jerk!

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