Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Ford Three Spaces?

Reader submitted! Extreme thanks as I think this particular style of parking is a first for Learn To Park, Jerk!

Here we have someone's company vehicle stretching across not one, not two but THREE parking spaces. Oh, and look! One of them is a handicap space. That's just icing on the cake of Jackassery! Mmmmm good!

In this dick hole's defense (or vagina crater), he/she is parked diagonally. So if you drove a Vespa or a handicap adapted Smart Car, you could theoretically park on either side. But, really, that isn't much of a defense. He's parked like an ass and it shows.

So, a round of applause, please, for another bad parking first, and a heart felt SCREW YOU TOO to the driver!

Learn To Park, Jerk!

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