Monday, June 2, 2008

Another Classic Breed of Jerk

Even more "Classic" than the Two Space Hog is the Diagonal Two Space Hog. Here's an ass hat who KNOWS that he's being a jerk ass. "I spent $50,000 on this mid-life crisis and I'll damn well take up two spaces to keep the poor from parking near me."

Now, I don't condone vandalism in the slightest BUT if anyone deserves it, it's dipshits like this. I've said it before: Don't want to chance getting your expensive car dinged? Leave it the fuck at home!

Learn To Park, Jerk!!!


John said...

yeah, clearly this guy has issues. unfortunately for him, though, he can only afford the low-end porsche and his "gold" medallion that he no doubt wears probably leaves rust marks on his nasty tuft of chest hair.

i'd love to see a rusted-out 1977 Caprice Classic park real close to it just to piss him off. but that's just me.

aj said...

"Can only afford the low-end Porsch"?

Statements like that are exactly what is wrong with this city.