Monday, June 9, 2008

Innie or Audi?

Reader submitted photo. Again, much thanks for keeping your eyes open for stuff like this!

Anyway, men think with their penises. When their penis is too small, they buy an expensive car to help in the decision making process. When the car starts doing your thinking, you do stupid things.

You start wearing gold chains and low buttoned shirts well into your 50's.

You hang out in school parking lots to hit on young girls and offer them rides.

You begin parking like an asshole.

Now, what if this is a female owned vehicle? Easy.

Escorts make a lot of money. Want a Rub and tug? $200. A Bag and gag? $250. A Twist and shout? $500 and a lot of ointment afterwards.

The point is, these gals make a lot of money and are just as susceptible to buying fancy cars to make up for low self esteem. And since these gals use sex as power, that thinking spills over into real life and you begin parking like a bitch.

Either way, this dip shit is taking up two spaces and needs a firm kick in the teeny weenie/gigantic box.

Learn To Park, Jerk!

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