Thursday, August 14, 2008


Reader submitted. Thanks for helping flip the virtual bird to bad parkers!

You're at work hauling equipment to the next job site when RING RING!!! It's the wife calling. She feels bloated, the dog's driving her crazy and she's only got enough feminine products to last until supper. You know that if you don't haul ass to the nearest drug store and pick up a 24 pack of O.B's, a four pack of paper towels and a pint of Cherry Garcia, you're ass is sleeping in the garage until the second coming of Jesus.

So you pull into the nearest parking lot and damn near abandon your vehicle in any old fashion to get what your water retaining Queen is asking for. And who would possibly care that you take up 6 or 7 parking spots in the process?

Well, I guess now we know. So, while I'm glad you kept your wife from turning your white suede sofa into a biological copy of the Canadian flag, you pissed off enough people to get you featured on the site.

Learn To Park, Jerk!

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Graham_M said...

I can't believe how bad some of the parking on your site is. Thanks for running a site to expose atleast some of the jackasses who think they can park wherever they want, whenever they want.