Monday, August 4, 2008

Pick Up And Get On Your Own Damn Side

So, what are you thinking when you see a patch of empty parking spaces, jack ass? Do you think "Wow, I must be the only person in the city shopping today. And since no one else will be using any of these luxurious parking spaces, I'm going to take as many as I can! I'm King of the Fucking World!"?

I'll bet you're also the kind of person who always "Takes A Penny" because they're free, samples/steals candy from the bulk bins at the grocery store and uses your room mates socks to clean up your "solo love life spill overs".

Stop being such a waste of oxygen and Learn To Park, Jerk!

1 comment:

just a girl... said...

I think it means no one else is here so fuck it. I love to see your pics, however I am secretly happy that we don't live in the same town. I would be on here daily. LOL