Tuesday, August 26, 2008

3 from B.C. Part 2

Part two of a reader submission from British Columbia. He even supplied the italicized commentary. He's the Swiss Army Knife of online submissions!

B.C. guy says: This dumbass, as you can see, is parked on a side strip (on the opposite side of the same parking lot as the previous pic). What is fascinating is this was taken about an hour after I saw her pull into the spot, right behind a truck, nearly touching it's bumper in the process. There is no parking space behind her, so technically she could park further back over the yellow line a bit, but she leaves enough room back there for a Smart car to fit in! I was in a rush during the first sighting, otherwise I would have caught video!

Having your nose or rear extended over a parking line is bad enough, but front tires too? That qualifies you for Gunt Of The Year! Why? Because you're obviously used to having excess baggage hanging over the front of everything you do.

But what am I thinking? Let me translate that for you into your native tongue:


Two tidbits of advice: (1) smarten the fuck up! and (2) Learn To Park, Jerk!

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