Thursday, October 30, 2008

Gray, Gay, And From Far Away

Reader submitted. Thanks for NARCing!

Once upon a time Farmer Zeke was cruising the streets of Saskatoon for a little underage poontang when he gets a text message from his 12 year old Yahoo Messenger pal who goes by the name of YngBoi_4_oldr.

Not one to pass up father/son sex play, he rushes off to Edmonton to give some lucky lad a size 5 poop chute. When he arrives, he realizes he'll need "protection" as his wife warned him to stop coming home smelling like twink ass and semen.

So maybe this picture is of Zeke's truck. Who's to say? If it is, it's a great memento of a happier time...before syphilis claimed his left nut and left the other one to die of loneliness.

Point is, this guy is parked like a socially retarded howler monkey tripping on a gram of prime California peyote.

My advice? Lay off the drugs. Lay off the pre-teen boy ass. And Learn To Park, Jerk!

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