Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mini Van Parking Ban

Reader submitted. Thanks, but what the hell??? Did an epileptic monkey on a pogo stick take this shot? Slow it down to 50 the next time you try to grab a photo! Geez!

So, here we have a case of an inconsiderate mini van owner parking wherever she likes. It's not like she even tried to park between the lines. She turned the corner and just left her bucket of rust to take up two spots. Probably how she enters public bathroom stalls. One leg under the stall wall...her fat ass pressing against both walls...purse under the other stall wall...

More than likely, she parked like this because her kid was caught shoplifting condoms for her abusive husband so she wouldn't further populate the planet with more fuck nut bad parkers like herself. For that, she gets my gratitude. But for parking like such an asshole, she gets a heart felt:

"Learn To Park, Jerk!"

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