Friday, June 25, 2010


Viewer submitted WITH an explanation. Since this makes MY job that much easier, I'll just copy and paste it down below in the same italics as this. Being a lazy prick has never been easier!

"This asshole parks at our office and was there all day, might I mention our parking lot is quite full and so there are no extra spaces unless you want to go park in the paved lot way out back.

I left one of these on his windshield."

While we don't encourage vandalism on this site, we also aren't your Daddy. Do whatever the fuck you want.

As for this dipshit of a parker, he obviously backed into the spot. It's surprising how bad his aim is since he seems like the kind of guy who backs onto men's cocks on a regular basis. I guess if his sphincter isn't at risk, the motivation just isn't there.

So either install an asshole on the back of your car (should be easy since an asshole is DRIVING the damn thing) or Learn To Park, Jerk!

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Andrew said...

Depending on the municipality, you might want to retract this entry (and perhaps others) as it/they may provide credible evidence toward prosecution for making terroristic threats. Welcome to the USA, where your right to free speech ends where it infringes on someone else's right not to be bullied. I am not a lawyer.